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Dr. Dorian Lewis Felix Cavé

Associate Researcher

Dorian Cavé received his Bachelor's and Masters degrees at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences-po), where he majored in International Relations and specialised in Sustainable Development. He more recently obtained his PhD degree in Educational Studies and Sociology from Lancaster University in December 2023.
His domains of expertise are social and informal learning, as related to online networks and communities, and social movements; as well as decolonial studies and emancipatory social theory and struggles.

Simultaneously, he is developing his skills as a facilitator of self-organised groups, and experiments with various practices of mutual and social learning within such processes, to facilitate the emergence of collective intelligence.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Associate Researcher / former Research Fellow (16.11.23 - 15.01.24)

Research Group: Digitalization, Sustainability, and Participation

Fields of research

Social change and informal learning

Social learning, informal learning, activism, decolonial studies, sociology, online communities



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