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Dr. Denisa Reshef Kera

Former Research Fellow

Dr. Denisa Reshef Kera is a philosopher and designer experimenting with creative strategies of public engagement in emerging science and technology controversies. In her most recent work, she researched issues of RegTech and algorithmic governance as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at BISITE, University of Salamanca. She used blockchain and IoTs technologies to implement ethical and regulatory guidelines into the technical infrastructures and test different methods of engaging stakeholders in the decision-making through prototyping. 

She has a global experience of a scholar researching open and citizen science projects (National University of Singapore, Arizona State University, Charles University) and she is recognized for her pioneering ethnographic work on the hackerspaces and citizen science laboratories around the world which she described as forms of “grassroots R&D culture,” “geek diplomacy” and even “science artisanship”.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Research Fellow

Research Group "Critical Maker Culture"

October - December 2020

BISITE, Universität Salamanca