Prof. Dr. Bettina Berendt

Director, Principal Investigator

Bettina Berendt has been Professor for Internet and Society at the Technical University of Berlin since 2019, Director of the Weizenbaum Institute and Visiting Professor at KU Leuven, Belgium. Her current research includes Data Science und Critical Data Science, especially with respect to Privacy/Data Protection, discrimination and fairness, as well as AI and ethics, with a focus on textual and web-related data.

Until 2019 Bettina Berendt was professor at the Department of Computer Science / Research Group Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence at the KU Leuven and before that junior professor at the Institute of Business Informatics at the Humboldt University Berlin. Details on publications, lectures, projects, positions, courses and other activities can be found at





Technische Universität Berlin (TU)
  • Positions

    Director Weizenbaum Institute

    Principal Investigator (PI):

    Research Group "Responsibility and the Internet of Things"

    Research Group "Criticality of AI-based Systems"

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  • Committees and functions
    • Professorin und Leiterin des Fachgebiets Internet und Gesellschaft an der Fakultät IV, Elektrotechnik und Informatik, der Technischen Universität Berlin
    • Mitglied im Institut für Telekommunikationssysteme
    • Gastprofessorin in der Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence Group des Department of Computer Science der KU Leuven, Belgien

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