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17:00 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr | online

Launching the Data Workers’ Inquiry

The world of AI is powered by millions of people who are precariously employed and politically dispersed. In the Data Workers Inquiry, they tell their stories.


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has promised unprecedented efficiency, innovation, and economic growth. However, behind the glossy veneer of AI-powered applications and services lies a hidden workforce of data workers who form the backbone of this technological revolution. Despite their critical role in the development and maintenance of AI, data workers are often rendered invisible, their contributions unrecognized, and their well-being overlooked. This is by design, and not accidental.

In The Data Workers’ Inquiry, data workers from all over the world take center stage in the telling of their own stories and report on their workplaces. In this pioneering initiative led by Weizenbaum Researcher Milagros Miceli and her team, data workers have produced a compelling array of firsthand accounts – from documentaries, to magazines, podcasts, essays and animations – which will serve as a repository for journalists, researchers, policymakers, as well as other data workers.

Join us on July 8 to explore the inquiries and talk with the researchers and data workers that made all of it possible.

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5:00 pm (CET): What is the Data Workers’ Inquiry?

Panel and Q&A with Milagros Miceli, Laurenz Sachenbacher, Camilla Salim Wagner, Adio Dinika, Krystal Kauffman
Moderation: Timnit Gebru

5.45 pm (CET): Introducing the data workers
Moderation: Milagros Miceli

6:00 pm (CET): How do data workers organize in the face of exploitation? 

Panel and Q&A with Mophat Okinyi, Richard Mathenge, Krystal Kauffman
Moderation: Adio Dinika


Led by Milagros Miceli, the Data Workers' Inquiry is a collaboration between the Weizenbaum Institute, TU Berlin and DAIR Institute.