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25.08.2021 -

17:00 Uhr - virtual

Blockchain Nights #16: The adoption of cryptocurrency for regular payments

A joint event by the Weizenbaum Institute and the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Cryptocurrency market capitalization reaches historic heights year after year. But - how much “currency” is in our beloved “cryptocurrency”? How usable is cryptocurrency for day-to-day payments? Did we make any progress at all on this front? And what is still missing for adoption to catch on?


We go with three talks of ~30 minutes and 15 minutes for questions each. Be encouraged to join a lively discussion.

Session Chair:

Ingolf G.A. Pernice

I. Ingolf G. A. Pernice — Research Associate (Weizenbaum Institute)
„Introduction & Welcome“

II. Antje Tölle, Prof. Dr. — Chair of Civil Law and Public Administration (HWR Berlin School of Economics and Law)
- talking about drawing wages in cryptocurrency

III. Andrés Bezem — Entrepreneur (Chipi Chipi Bombón - the most delicious ice cream payable in Bitcoin in Berlin)
- talking about his experiences with accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightening payments in a local store

IV. Christian Rotzoll — CHO and Maintainer of the RaspiBlitz Project (Fulmo GmbH)
- talking about hardware developments for accepting Bitcoin Lightening payments (might change slightly)

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