The Dark Side of Platform Labour

In February's Weizenbaum Forum, we discuss with our guests the working conditions and wages of employees at platform providers.

Die Digitalisation and Platformisation of Society and Labor create new opportunities but also new problems for workers around the world: increasing surveillance, precarisation, and opacity are some of the most common grievances. The varying geopolitical contexts impact globally distributed workforces in different manners and often hinder attempts at workers’ organising.

In this edition of the Weizenbaum Forum, we will talk about labor and money in times of platformisation. Through case studies in the USA, China, and Venezuela, we will discuss context-specific challenges that workers face regarding unpaid work, wage theft, and getting paid in crisis-ridden countries.

Please register until 14 February (12:00 pm) here


Tianling Yang | Weizenbaum Institute, TU Berlin

Adrienne Williams | The Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR)

Julian Posada | Yale University


Milagros Miceli | Weizenbaum Institute

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