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13:00 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr | digital, Sprache: Englisch

AIA in-depth Policy Roundtable #4: Responsibility and Liability

The fourth AIA Roundtable will address the question: What roles and responsibilities arise from the AIA and how are liability issues also governed by the Liability Directive?

Weizenbaum Director Herbert Zech and ALLAI President Catelijne Muller welcome guests and interested parties to the 4th AIA Roundtable on January 24, 2023. Irina Ossrich of the EU Commission will speak on roles and responsibilities of different actors under the AIA. Herbert Zech will speak on liability and in particular the EU Proposal for the AI Liability Directive. Sebastian Hallensleben will elaborate on the process of standardisation of the requirements for High-Risk AI and the role of CEN-CENELEC (CEN-CENELEC AI is developing European AI standards to underpin EU regulation).

As part of the Rountable series, we will be looking at the consequences of the European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). With this act, the European Union has presented the world's first draft for a comprehensive regulation of AI systems, which we want to examine more closely in this series of events.

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