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12:00 Uhr - 14:30 Uhr | digital

AIA in-depth Policy Roundtable #2 Prohibited AI-Practices

The Weizenbaum Institute and ALLAI are hosting a roundtable series this year in which we will take a deeper look at the European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). It is aimed at policy makers with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of the EU proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence, exchanging different points of view and identifying common positions.

The European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) will directly affect and change the lives and rights of many people and organisations. With over 3000 amendments in the European Parliament, the AIA has already set a record as one of the most comprehensive, relevant, and controversial European legislative projects.

On June 28, 2021, we launched with an initial digital roundtable on the scope of the AIA. On September 13, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., the second digital roundtable will address the question: Which AI applications are and should be prohibited in the AI regulation?

Following the bans proposed in the AIA, Prof. Sandra Wachter of Oxford University will address the question of where the line should be drawn for social scoring. Georgios Petropoulus, a researcher at MIT and a fellow at Stanford and at Bruegel, will talk about AI-powered manipulation. Catelijne Muller of ALLAI will look at the many faces of biometric recognition and discuss what is being banned, should be banned, and what is currently allowed. These in-depth sessions will give attendee:s the opportunity to openly discuss the implications of current prohibitions, raise questions and concerns, expand their understanding of the AIA, and formulate or sharpen their positions.


We are looking forward to your participation! Please register here:

After registration, the access link to the roundtable will be provided to you shortly before the event.For questions please contact Robert Peter, advisor for Political Communication at the Weizenbaum-Institut, at robert.peter[at]



  1. Welcome (Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech, Catelijne Muller, LL.M.)
  2. AI-driven manipulation – Georgios Petropoulus (MIT, Stanford, Bruegel)
  3. Social scoring, where to draw the line? – Sandra Wachter (Oxford Internet Institute)
  4. Biometric recognition – Catelijne Muller, LL.M. (ALLAI)
  5. Break-out sessions
  6. Plenary & closing

Moderation: Weizenbaum researchers, ALLAI experts


Prof. Dr. Sandra Wachter is Professor of Technology and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford where she researches the legal and ethical implications of AI, Big Data, and robotics as well as Internet and platform regulation.

Georgios Petropoulus is a researcher at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. He also is a Fellow at the Digital Economy Lab of Stanford University and Non-Resident Fellow at the think tank Bruegel.

Catelijne Muller, LL.M. is President and co-founder of ALLAI. She is a former member of EU High Level Expert Group on AI. She is Rapporteur of the EESC opinions on AI an Society, the EU Whitepaper on AI and the AIA.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech is Director at the Weizenbaum Institute, Professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin at the Chair of Civil Law, Technology and IT Law. He is also a board member of the German Society for Law and Information Technology e. V. (DGRI).


The other roundtables are dedicated to the following topics:

  • AIA in-depth #3: Hochrisiko KI und die Anforderungen an KI
  • AIA in-depth #4: Rollen, Verantwortlichkeiten, Rechte (optional)