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How are new technology trends impacting the economy? A podcast by researchers at the Weizenbaum Institute on artificial intelligence, chatbots and more.

What does the technology behind AI look like? How can we use Chatbots effectively and how will new technologies reshape the workplace? In this podcast, the Weizenbaum research group "Security and Transparency in Digital Processes" delves into new technology trends and how they will effect the business world. In each episode, listeners will get to experience that current technological developments don‘t just exist in theory, but are already applied in businesses today.

In order to include many different insights and perspectives into the podcast, we‘ll be speaking to a wide range of experts from different fields such as computer science, psychology or business consulting. The podcast wants to ensure that complex subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are accessible to all. Whether you're a technology enthusiast, a business leader, an IT professional, or simply curious about the latest technological developments, this is the right podcast for you. 

All episodes are only available in German.


Security and Transparency of Digital Processes

The research group investigates technologies that enable the secure and reliable support of digital processes, e.g. for process automation or automated process monitoring. The research group focuses on processes within businesses and public administration and investigates the tension between transparency and controllability as well as questions about the loss of privacy and creativity.

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