Malte Teichmann

Doctoral Researcher

Malte Teichmann fulfilled his Master of Arts in educational science at University Potsdam with a focus on „vocational training” and „development of organizations“. At the Institute he develops learning modules and -tasks for vocational training and examines the potentials of Tablets, Smartphones, and AR-Glasses for adult learning. At second, he focuses to develop different teaching- and learning-scenarios in the Research and Application Center Industry 4.0 (RACI 4.0). Every research question is set in a bigger social context (e.g., the participation of low skilled workers in vocational training) to make a contribution to future-oriented vocational training.




Universität Potsdam

Teichmann M, Matthiessen J, Vladova G (2019) “YOU ARE TO OLD (NOT) TO LEARN” – A CRITICAL RECONSIDERATION OF “OLDER EMPLOYEES”. 2nd Weizenbaum Conference – Challenges of digital inequality. (Akzeptiert und im Überarbeitungsprozess)

Teichmann M, Ullrich A, Bender B, Gronau N (2018) Mobile IIoT-Technologien in hybriden Lernfabriken - Szenariobasierte Entwicklung von Handlungskompetenz im Anwendungszentrum Industrie 4.0. Industrie 4.0 Management, 2018(3), S. 21-24.

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