Weizenbaum Series

The publications of the Weizenbaum Series present results from the ongoing research of the institute. The series is open for different publication formats such as monographs, technical reports, preprints, working papers and many more.

  • Agile Methoden auf dem shop floor. Anzeichen für ein „Tesla Produktionssystem“?

    Timo Daum

  • Deglobalization, Reconfiguration, or Business as Usual?

    Florian Butollo and Cornelia Staritz

  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Alfred Früh and Dario Haux

  • Team Collaboration and Productivity

    Martin Krzywdzinski

  • Zusammenarbeit und Produktivität im Team

    Martin Krzywdzinski

  • Federated Blockchain Systems

    Dr. Martin Florian

  • The Growing Gap Between Pioneers and Laggards

    Martin Krzywdzinski, Florian Butollo, Jana Flemming, Christine Gerber, David Wandjo, Nina Delicat, Lorena Herzog, Marc Bovenschulte and Michael Nerger

  • Wachsende Kluft zwischen Vorreiterunternehmen und Nachzüglern

    Martin Krzywdzinski, Florian Butollo, Jana Flemming, Christine Gerber, David Wandjo, Nina Delicat, Lorena Herzog, Marc Bovenschulte und Michael Nerger

  • COVID-19’s Impact Upon Labor and Value Chains in the Agrifood Industry: A Case Study

    Martin Kenney, M. Anne Visser & Mariah Padilla

  • The tech company: On the neglected second nature of platforms

    Alexander Ziegler

  • The Structural Transformation of the Scientific Public Sphere

    Leonhard Dobusch und Maximilian Heimstädt

  • Multidimensional Measurement of Mobile Media Use

    Roland Toth

  • Data and Digital Platforms in Industry: Implication for enterprises strategies and governance

    Florian Butollo and Lea Schneidemesser

  • Data Governance Act Proposal

    A position paper

    Weizenbaum research groups “Frameworks for Data Markets”, “Work and Cooperation in the Sharing Economy”, “Trust in Distributed Environments”, “Responsibility and the Internet of Things”, and “Reorganizing Knowledge Practices”

  • Opening up and Sharing Data from Qualitative Research: A Primer

    Steinhardt et al.

  • Weizenbaum Series #16 Policy Paper

    Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt in und nach der COVID-19-Krise: Thesen und Handlungsempfehlungen

    Florian Butollo, Jana Flemming, David Wandjo, Christine Gerber und Martin Krzywdzinski

  • Weizenbaum Series #15 Position Paper

    The Internet has coped well with Covid-19, but problems remain: Evidence to House of Lords Committee exploring the impact of Covid-19

    Volker Stocker, Jason Whalley

  • Weizenbaum Series #14 Working Paper

    The Digital Constellation

    Sebastian Berg, Niklas Rakowski, Thorsten Thiel

  • Weizenbaum Series #13 Arbeitspapier

    Umstrittene Expertise im Falle einer neuen Technologie

    Eine explorative Untersuchung der Online-Konsultation zur Blockchain-Strategie der Bundesregierung

    Moritz Becker, Sebastian Henningsen, Ingolf G.A. Pernice

  • Weizenbaum Series #12 Arbeitspapier

    Die Regulierung Künstlicher Intelligenz - Neuer Rechtsrahmen für Algorithmische Entscheidungssysteme?

    Ferdinand Müller, Martin Schüßler und Elsa Kirchner

  • Weizenbaum Series #11 Working Paper

    Resilience of Public Spheres in a Global Health Crisis

    H.J. Trenz, A. Heft, M. Vaughan & B. Pfetsch

  • Weizenbaum Series #10 Working Paper

    Automation, Digitalization, and Changes in Occupational Structures in the Automobile Industry in Germany, the United States, and Japan

    A Brief History from the Early 1990s Until 2018

    Martin Krzywdzinski

  • Weizenbaum Series #9 Working Paper

    “Digital Taylorism”? - Data Practices and Governance in the Enterprise Software Salesforce

    Eva-Maria Nyckel

  • Weizenbaum Series #8 Working Paper

    How Right-Wing Alternative News Sites in the U.S. Depict Antifa

    Curd Knüpfer

  • Weizenbaum Series #7 Working Paper

    Varieties of platform work. Platforms and social inequality in Germany and the United States

    Martin Krzywdzinski & Christine Gerber

  • Weizenbaum Series #6 Handreichung

    Das Öffnen und Teilen von Daten qualitativer Forschung

    Ergebnisse eines Workshops der Forschungsgruppe „Digitalisierung der Wissenschaft“

  • Weizenbaum Series #5 Short Paper

    Conditions to Strengthen Future Cross-Border Journalism

    Annett Heft

  • Weizenbaum Series #4 Working Paper

    Gaps and Opportunities: The Rudimentary Protection to ‘Data-Paying Consumers’ under New EU Consumer Protection Law

    Zohar Efroni

  • Weizenbaum Series #3 Preprint

    Information seeking and communication during forced migration - An empirical analysis of refugees’ digital media use and its effects on their perceptions of Germany as their target country

    Martin Emmer, Marlene Kunst & Carola Richter

  • Weizenbaum Series #2 Aufsatz

    Risiken digitaler Systeme - Robotik, Lernfähigkeit und Vernetzung als aktuelle Herausforderungen für das Recht

    Herbert Zech

  • Weizenbaum Series #1 Working Paper

    The Selective Catalyst - Internet use as a mediator of citizenship norms’ effects on political participation

    Laura Leißner, António Valentim, Pablo Porten-Cheé & Martin Emmer


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