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Liz Solverson

Former Research Fellow

Liz is a doctoral candidate at Nord University in Levanger, Norway. Her PhD thesis delves into the online political engagement of young adults, with a special focus on the evolving social and civic norms shaping their use of political social media. She examines political expression but also investigates the deliberative value of silent, and receptive forms of online engagement, framing these within a broader division of labor in the digital public sphere. To investigate these dynamics, Liz has employed a mix of qualitative focus groups and a quantitative survey.

Her time at the Weizenbaum Institute will be spent finalizing her thesis and collaborating with the Weizenbaum Panel research group, sharing insights about political engagement, and benefiting from the expertise of the group.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow

Weizenbaum Digital Science Center: Weizenbaum Panel

01.03.24 - 30.04.24

Fields of research

Online political engagement; Citizenship norms; Youth


Researchgate: Elizabeth Solverson (

Nord University, Levanger, Norway