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Dr. Bianca Kremer Nogueira Corrêa

Former Research Fellow

Bianca is an assistant professor and project leader at the Faculty of Law of IDP University (Brazil), where she teaches Digital Rights and New Technologies Regulation for the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. A consistent thread running through her research agenda is the mitigation of algorithmic bias and discrimination – and the role that the law has to play in that clash.

Her PhD analyzes how automated systems can perpetuate and/or increase racism and sexism in multiple spheres, and her research to date deals with developing anti-discrimination methodologies for AI applications involving biometric technologies. Aiming to understand the extent to which marginalized populations have been negatively impacted by biometrics and proposing anti-discrimination auditing methods to mitigate algorithmic bias/ discrimination in public services.

The fellowship at the research group “Technology, Power and Domination” of the Weizenbaum Institute allows her to pursue a comparative analysis with the experiences in Germany, notably regarding the implementation and oversight of these technologies by German public administrations.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow

Research Group: Technology, Power and Domination

22.01.24 - 21.02.24


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Twitter: @kremerbia

IDP University (Brazil)