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25.04.2019 -

13:30 Uhr - Weizenbaum-Institut, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin

Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl: Big Data and Privacy – Can we have both?

In his lecture on the topic "Big Data and Privacy" Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl (Ulm University) talks about a careful trade-off between data and privacy.

Advocates of the data industry often want us to believe that enjoying the benefits of data-intensive services inevitably requires us to relinquish at least some of our privacy to companies like Facebook or our governments. No matter whether the promised benefits include staying in touch with friends and relatives, having recommendations on videos we like, or staying secure from threats like terrorism, we can only get these if we give away our data and our privacy.

In his talk Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl wants to advocate for a different future where modern privacy- enhancing technologies allow us a careful trade-off between data and privacy where information is strongly protected by cryptographic means and where only predefined operations are possible on this data, substantially limiting the opportunity for misuse by system operators or third parties. He will illustrate this based on several use-cases he has explored in the recent years, like electric vehicle charging and private transactions on blockchains. The talk will also briefly touch on recent research that he does jointly with the institute of psychology at Ulm University where he aims to demonstrate the benefits of strong privacy to user trust in digital systems.