Guidelines and Mission Statement

The guidelines for research groups and doctoral candidates are aligned with the basic values outlined in the general mission statement of the Weizenbaum Institute.

Guidelines and Principles

Guidelines for Research Groups

The Guidelines for Research Groups specify four core criteria in accordance with the Institute’s Mission Statement.

  1. Excellent research
  2. Dialogue with society and knowledge transfer
  3. Support for early-career researchers
  4. Interdisciplinarity

Guiding Principles for Doctoral Rearchers

The Guiding Principles for Doctoral Rearchers draw on key principles of the Institute's Mission Statement as well as the Guidelines for Research Groups. They provide an overview of the working structures at the Weizenbaum Institute and outline characteristics of the Institute’s research projects, such as interdisciplinarity, open research, and knowledge transfer. The document is intended to provide guidance for doctoral researchers new to the Weizenbaum Institute.

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Support Guidelines for Doctoral Researchers

The Support Guidelines for Doctoral Researchers represent a practical, routine-oriented extension to the Guiding Principles further outlining the collaboration between doctoral researchers and their supervisors and mentors. The document addresses key elements of the dissertation cycle from start to viva and publication.

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