Board of Directors

The board consists of the five W3 professorships of the participating universities as well as one representative each of the WZB and the Fraunhofer FOKUS. The legal representation of the Weizenbaum-Institut is carried out by the Weizenbaum-Institut e.V.

Board of Directors

For the establishment phase of the Institute, the partners of the Weizenbaum Institute have appointed Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer (FU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Axel Metzger (HU Berlin), and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ina Schieferdecker (TU Berlin/Fraunhofer FOKUS) as founding board members. Following the successful completion of the establishment of the institute, the management of the institute was handed over to a new board of directors on 1st April 2019 in which all seven partners institutions are represented. 


The Board of Directors is responsible for the scientific and strategic coordination of the consortium project. In addition, it is the Board of Directors, along with the PIs and after soliciting comment from the scientific council, advisory board, and board of trustees, that will conceive a plan for continuation of the research agenda and establishing research groups when the consortium project phase comes to an end after three years.

The Board of Directors is charged inter alia with coordinating the Institute's research groups and projects in consultation with the administrative office as well as:

  • creating approaches for the establishment and strategic advancement of the Institute,
  • establishing and dissolving research groups in concert with the PIs (including the appointment and dismissal of PIs)
  • coordinating strategic communication for the Institute
  • devising an approach for all the Institute’s scientific reporting
  • organizational development in consultation with the administrative office, and driving preparations for the Institute’s evaluation by the BMBF as well as its appraisal.

Board of Directors

Principal Investigators