Dr. phil. Stephan Weichert

Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Stephan Weichert is a media and communications scientist. Since 2021, he has been heading the VOCER Institute for Digital Resilience, a think & do tank for sustainable innovation in digitalization, together with Leif Kramp (University of Bremen) and Alexander von Streit (“Krautreporter“). He also conducts research in strategy development and innovation and sustainability in digital journalism at the Hamburg Media School, where he served as academic department head of the “Digital Journalism program“ and director of the “Digital Journalism Fellowship“.

He also held a visiting professorship for Digital Journalism at the University of the Arts until 2020, prior to that he was Professor of Digital Communication at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences until 2018. In 2005, he helped establish the Institute for Media and Communication Policy in Berlin, founded by Lutz Hachmeister, where he was responsible for “Quality Journalism and Prestige Press“ until 2008. For more than 20 years, Weichert has been active in the education and training of media professionals. He has published 40 papers on digital structural change. Weichert also works as a filmmaker, innovation coach and communications consultant in Hamburg.




VOCER Institut für Digitale Resilienz
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    Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board, Weizenbaum Institute

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